“High Tech, Human Touch” is the motto of the University of Twente where about 3,300 scientists and professionals working together on cutting-edge research, innovations with real-world relevance and inspiring education for more than 9,000 students. The enterprising university, established in 1961, encourages students to develop an entrepreneurial spirit in close collaboration with Kennispark Twente: the UT is the university with the highest number of spin-offs (more than 900) in the Netherlands (like Booking.com, XSENS, DEMCON) and one of the highest in Europe and possibly worldwide.

The research at UT is framed into research institutes. The UT team participating in this project is the Robotics and Mechatronics (RaM) group which is part of the internal research institute on ICT (CTIT), the Institute on Biomedical Technologies and Technical Medicine (MIRA) and of the LEO Center for service robotics. The group is composed of approximately 50 people including faculty, technicians and graduate students and it is involved in a number of national and European projects. The focus of RaM is on applying systems and control methods, design, and imaging, in the multidisciplinary areas of mechatronics and robotics, covering the whole design trajectory of a (robotic/mechatronic) system.