NewCompliance develops solutions to increase patient safety and operational excellence in the hospital’s critical care departments, and primarily, in the surgical department.

NewCompliance’s OR Cockpit is the revolutionary interoperability solution for the surgery department. It optimizes OR productivity, minimizes surgical site infections (SSI’s), reduces material costs and provides unprecedented clinical performance analytics & reporting by integrating data from the EMR, BMS & other OR equipment. The system allows surgical teams to benefit from smart and real-time visual decision support, perfect workflow control and swifter safety protocols, all through one central system which is easily operated through large wall-mounted touchscreen displays.

NewCompliance is now the European market leader for Safe Surgery dashboarding, running in over 35 health systems, and entered the US market in 2017. We are currently implementing OR Cockpit in several US health systems. Houston’s leading hospital group, Memorial Hermann, is going live with the solution in July 2019.