Based in Stockholm, Inovia AI was founded in 2012 with a clear vision to expose all the opportunities you can discover by combining Big Data with AI.

“Data is the new gold! By using data correctly we help companies create insights like one had previously only been able to guess”
Company co-founder Marcus Ekendahl.

Big Data is the component that’s needed to cope with the large amounts of data. To that, AI is used to analyze and record deviations. We have developed own algorithms that help companies to create, store and analyze their data.

We offer products such as an AI-driven virtual assistant who manages customer service – through any customer preferred channel – chat, email, voice or social media. Another is Speech Recognition, an application that transforms Swedish or English speech to text in real-time. We’ve also developed a modern Big Data platform with container-based architecture which enables companies to start off with a small Data Lake and then expand to any size by time.

Our solutions are applicable to any industry and business systems. Finance, e-commerce and telecom has been quick to implement our solutions.